Follow Your Heart

One of the things I've been trying to figure out recently is how I can find more time to do the things I love doing. This was partly inspired by Brooklyn Beta a couple weeks ago. I realized with more clarity that I love working on Uncover and our soon-to-be-released update. I also love writing, and I've been doing a lot of it lately — on Treehouse's Blog, working on my book and through my newsletter. People often say you should focus on the one thing you love most, but devoting yourself to work interests isn't like devoting yourself to a the person you love: why can't your heart be in more than one place when you work as long as you love all of the things you're doing?

Follow Your Heart

It goes without saying that if your heart is not into something then you should let it go. Don't drag along anyone you may be working with, or your users, if at the end of the day you don't care. It's not fair to anyone involved and can really negatively affect the people who have been depending on your commitment. What if your leaving a project might lead to its success, since the other people involved care much more than you do and you're holding them back? Life is too short to force yourself to keep doing something, hoping that one day you'll fall in love with it.

The best way to free your mind and to be truly happy is to work on things you care about and forget everything else. This isn't easy for anyone all the time, as life's interferences get in the way: nagging stuff like money and health. My recommendation to you is to do as I've recently done, which is to look at your work and your life, and think about what and who are really important to you. For my work, I've recently readjusted my time commitments, and in my personal life, I symbolically adjusted my iPhone's Contacts' Favorites List to reflect the people that matter the most in my life. Both reorganizations were truly therapeutic and have led to new energy and happiness for me. May you find what you're looking for. Just use your heart to do so.


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