Introducing Uncover

It seems like forever since I've publicly launched a new startup and today I'm happily announcing that Uncover has arrived. Uncover is everything you need to start and run an employee recognition program for your company. This is an amazing day for me, and feels like a new beginning. Go sign up and then come back here to read the story behind the startup!

Introducing Uncover

What is Uncover?

I'm glad you asked! First, a little backstory. In early February, I wrote down my thoughts about The State of Human Resources, which is an area I've been thinking about and involved in for ten years now. I ran Operations in my past businesses and always felt that the online tools for human resources, employee management and employee recognition were atrocious at best. It's laughable, really.

I've known for many years now that I'd eventually try to solve the problems I just mentioned. It would likely take five to ten years to solve, I thought, but I'd do it if I could find the right people to work with. I found those people in Mike and Jason and we've been humming along since early November, working on how to attack this market and what to build.

While I could easily write twenty pages about the ins and outs of what our plans are and where we're going from here, we'll keep that to ourselves as we expand toward those goals. For now you'll just have sign up for Uncover and follow us on Twitter to see how we grow.

Over the five years I have known Mike and Jason, having worked alongside them in the same office for the past year — only the past six months with the three of us together — one thing that struck me about them both is how much they care about their employees, the culture of a working group, and building a beautiful company. We're all like-minded in that regard. Honest, heartfelt caring.

In all of our past companies, we've cared about building a beautiful company as much as building a profitable company. We see our co-workers everyday, and their happiness always leads to greater success for your business and a far better time at work. Far too many founders ignore this, though, because they don't know how to solve for it. We want to help.

Uncover is everything you need to start and run an employee recognition program for your company. As a customer of Uncover, you can give your employees custom benefits to increase retention and improve your company culture. We have ten curated benefits categories for you to choose from, and within each category you select, your employees can pick the service that they prefer while we manage the entire process.

To give an example of how this works: as a customer of Uncover, you can select the Music category and for $10 per month per employee, they'll be able to choose between their favorite music service such as Spotify, Rdio, and iTunes. Offering Music is an example of something that helps create shared stories and experiences and brings your employees closer together. It's a small cost but makes a big impact.

The categories we have at launch are: Music, Movie Tickets, Books, Cleaning Services, Coffee & Tea, Experiences, Fitness, Food, Transportation and Travel. You choose the category you want to offer, how much, and sign up your employees while we manage the service for you. There's no additional work on your end.

You can also reward your employees for going the extra mile. When an employee goes above and beyond by staying late or working all weekend, you can reward them with something special. They're one-time thank you gifts that you can send along with a personal message.

We're excited to announce Uncover and let you know that Skillshare, SeatGeek, Fitocracy, TimeHop, Yipit, and others are extremely happy with it. We hope you sign up in turn, send us your feedback, and follow us on Twitter. I'm truly excited to share my new startup with you.


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